Fairy Hair 100 Strands – Amber Mystery Mix, 40"

La Demoiselle

$ 11.99 $ 13.99


Amber Mystery Mix of 5 colors: 20 strands of Sparkling Midnight Black, 20 x Sparkling Silver, 20 x Shiny Brown, 20 x Shiny Copper Orange, 20 x Shiny Gold

This set includes 2 styles" "Sparkling" and "Shiny". The "Sparkling" reflects light giving off tiny iridescent multicolored sparks. The "Shiny" reflects the natural light. The strands are 2-3 times wider than an average human hair and designed to add a subtle sparkle effect. 


  • 40" inches long, package contains 100 strands. Each color includes up to 5 extra strands
  • Width: 0.015 inches (0.381mm). Type: Ties in hair
  • Heat resistant polyester fiber that feels silky and soft.
  • Flat iron: Medium to High setting (230-290F, 12 seconds).
  • Dry heat 356F, 50 seconds

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