Fairy Hair Installation Directions

If you can tie a knot, you can install Fairy Hair yourself! With care, Fairy Hair can last several weeks, even through washing, drying, and flat ironing. For long lasting effect use 3 - 5 strands of hair when attaching Fairy Hair and do 2 or 3 knots with the hair and the Fairy Hair strand. It might be easier if the hair is damp.

Adding a little bit of dry shampoo to the root can add a texture to hair and prevent Fairy Hair sliding down.

Applying Fairy Hair for as long as possible? - Adding a drop of eyelash glue to the base of the knot will do the trick!

Do not comb wet.

How to apply: 

  • Step 1. Create a slip knot: Select a strand of Fairy Hair and create a small loop. Pull the end of the Fairy Hair through the loop completely. 
  • Step 2. Tie the Fairy Hair and hair strand together: 
    For fine hair select 3 or 4 hairs (for thicker hair-1 or2) 
    Slide slip knot onto the hair. Pull Fairy Hair strand and hair side to side direction, making sure the knot is close to the hair shaft. Tie the hairs and the Fairy Hair together in a knot. Once the knot is at the base of the hair pull it tight. Now you can drop the hair 
    Pull the ends of Fairy Hair in opposite directions until knot is secure. Try pulling Fairy Hair strand holding it closer to the knot (to prevent  stretching and breaking).
  • Step 3: Tie few more knots with the Fairy Hair only. The finished knot should be at the base of hair, small and flattened into the hair.