Fairy Hair 100 Strands – Wholesale CP06272023

La Demoiselle

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  • Hair Tinsel, 200 packages
  • 40" inches long, the package contains 100 strands. Each color includes up to 5 extra strands
  • Width: 0.015 inches (0.381mm). Type: Ties in hair:: 
  • Heat resistant polyester fiber that feels silky and soft. Flat iron: Medium to High setting (230-290F, 12 seconds). Dry heat 356F, 50 seconds

Sparkling Red Fire—5  

Sparkling Copper—10

Sparkling Brown—10

Stellar Midnight Black—10 

Champagne white gold—5

Sparkling Diamond—15

Shiny Rainbow—5

Sparkling green emerald—5

Sparkling teal — 10

Shiny turquoise blue—2

Sparkling Blue Flame—3

Sparkling purple orchid—3

Sparkling amethyst—15

Sparkling fuchsia—7

Sparkle Persian pink—3

Mauve Mist—15

Shiny Silver—5

Shiny Orange—5

Shiny Charm Pink—5 

Shiny Northern Lights Rainbow—1 

Shiny Kelly Green—1

Shiny Anthracite—1 

Shiny “blue me away”—1 


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Total: $1320.97