40" Hair Tinsel 100 Strands – Wholesale EW002102022

La Demoiselle

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  • Hair Tinsel various colors, 65 packages
  • 40" inches long, package contains 100 strands. Each color includes up to 5 extra strands
  • Width: 0.015 inches (0.381mm). Type: Ties in hair:: 
  • Heat resistant polyester fiber that feels silky and soft. Flat iron: Medium to High setting (230-290F, 12 seconds). Dry heat 356F, 50 seconds
Dark blue flame-2
Sparkling teal-7
shiny kelly green- 2
Sparkling emerald green-3
sparkling mauve-5
sparkling gold-7
shiny white gold-2
shiny charm pink-3
sparkling amethyst-5
sparkling dark purple-3
stellar midnight-4
pumpkin spice-6
dark sparkling brown-5
shiny mocha-3

$8.99 per pack

S&H $10.99