15" I-Tip Synthetic Hair Extensions (30 count, Multi)

Splash of Fantasy

$ 12.99 

Super cool and easy way to add color to your hair without dying or damaging it. Styled as regular hair.
  • Length: 15 inch, Pre-bonded type: I-Tip
  • Extensions can be treated and cared for like real hair; can be washed, flat ironed, curled, cut and blow dried.
  • Colors: Blue, Pink, Green, Red, Purple
Pre bonded / fusion hair extensions are the awesome choice to add length, fullness or highlights to natural hair. Stick tip (i-tip) hair extensions have "I" shaped glue already applied on the tip of the hair making them ready to be attached by using the extension iron or a micro ring. With the micro ring, there's no heat applied to the hair. 
  • The easiest way to care for your extensions is to treat them as your own hair. Great care protects the strands and maximizes their life span.

    1. Make sure your extensions are untangled before you shampoo them. Use a mild, quality shampoo without sulfates.
    2. Apply a leave-on conditioner after for best results, but do not over-apply the conditioner or leave it in for too long.
    3. Best practice is to avoid heat. Let hair dry naturally if possible, but if you must use a blow-dryer, use a low heat setting. Heat is the hair's biggest enemy, that shortening the hair extensions's lifespan.