Nail Stamping Technique

Stamping -  is a great way to diversify your manicure without much effort.


First of all, note that both special stamping polish and conventional lacquers are suitable for stamping. Although, if you use conventional nail polish it shouldn't be too thin. Keep your thin watery polishes for water marbling (as they spread well in the water), layering and sponging and get a different polishes for your stamping projects.
Alternatively, you can thicken your nail polish.

Now, the instructions:

  1. Remove protective plastic off the pate
  2. Apply base coat and let it dry
  3. Apply base color to be the primary background and let it dry
  4. Apply polish on the desired image on the plate
  5. Using scraper lightly scrap off the excess nail polish
  6. For smaller images immediately stamp on the design in a rolling motion, for full cover pattern roll carefully in order not to smudge the image
  7. Quickly transfer the design on the stamp onto your nail in a rolling motion
  8. Clean the skin around with q tip
  9. Let it dry and finish with top coat

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